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Bloccare lo schermo mentre va il Media Player

Tip molto interessante... soprattutto se date una festa smile_wink 

...Windows Media Player includes a feature that will let you lock the screen while still making the interface usable, so you can still easily switch music or videos while the screen is locked.

Open up WMP in full-screen mode, and you'll notice a small icon in the bottom-right hand corner of the screen.


...CUT...It's worth noting that if you have screenshot software installed such as SnagIt, the screenshot mode will interrupt the lock mode, so you'll want to close that down before you do this.

Leggete il resto alla Fonte: Lock The Screen While in Full-Screen Mode in Windows Media Player

Print | posted on venerdì 14 dicembre 2007 23:58 |



# Re: Bloccare lo schermo mentre va il Media Player

mmm, con un CTRL+ALT+DEL si riesce ad aggirare pero'....
Non e' troppo sicuro ;)
17/12/2007 17:01 | Michele Bersani

# re: Bloccare lo schermo mentre va il Media Player

Basta togliere la tastiera... ahahah
17/12/2007 17:06 | Lorenzo Barbieri
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