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patterns & practices 2.0 - come lo vorreste?

Quelli di ALT.NET lo vorrebbero così:


  1. Guidance on core concepts and principles like OOP, separation of concerns, layering, etc
  2. Guidance on good software engineering and design practices, code quality, TDD, DDD, BDD, code smells, CI
  3. Patterns / Anti-patterns - GOF / Fowler, etc (Don't make up new ones)
  4. Tutorials / examples
  5. Be Neutral / Pragmatic
    1. Trusted advisor on different tools, techniques and methods i.e. Stored Procs vs Dynamic SQL
    2. Existing OS solutions (NHibernate, Log4Net, etc)
  6. Be Critical including of community efforts
  7. Advocate community endeavors
  8. Engage with the OSS community


  1. Focus on toolkits and factories
  2. Become an evangelism org / marketing machine for the platform. (Though it's okay to become an evangelism org for patterns and good engineering practices.)
  3. Be Dogmatic (our way is the only way, or even the best way)
  4. Dumb down developers

Io ho già detto la mia, ma se volete lasciare un contributo...

Fonte: patterns & practices 2.0 - How would it look?

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