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Duplicate Images Finder

Ecco un programmino molto interessante...

I wrote a lot of image (and not only image) processing algorithms. Most of them were for military proposes. Almost all of them are not secret, so why not to use war technologies for peace manners? Sitting one of those long evenings, I wrote a simple application, that seeks for similar (not by name of cause) images in your hard disk and make you able to delete them. I will not explain the search algorithm here, but post the application for free download. Try it, use it and tell me what you think about.


Download link e immagini campione alla Fonte: Find similar images on your computer with Duplicate Images Finder

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# re: Duplicate Images Finder

E' un po' troppo lento. Gli ho dato un consiglio, vediamo se migliora :-D.
14/09/2007 05:21 | Matteo Migliore

# re: Duplicate Images Finder

Hola Lò! Prova anche il mio:
SimilarImagesFinder. Ci ho lavorato tutta la notte :-D.
17/09/2007 11:23 | Matteo Migliore

# Similar Images Finder - Trovare immagini simili

Similar Images Finder - Trovare immagini simili

# Similar Images Finder – Trovare immagini simili | Solution architect

Similar Images Finder – Trovare immagini simili | Solution architect
27/03/2013 00:41 | Pingback/TrackBack
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