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Alcune regole per aumentare la propria produttività!

La due è molto drastica... di solito la applico in vacanza... la uno si ricollega al Daily Issue di qualche giorno fa, la tre è molto utile, la quattro spesso è indispensabile, la cinque se venisse applicata contro di me non avrei più contatti, e la sei... beh... smile_regular

Distracted people rarely achieve great things. And multitasking is a myth. Unfortunately, people interrupt you all day by drop-ins, phone calls, IMs, texts. These interruptions clutter your mind and kill your power to accomplish. It's an extreme problem that requires extreme solutions. If you really want to stop people from cluttering your thoughts with constant interruptions, you need a Teflon mind. Achieve that by following these six rules:

Rule #1: Reject all requests that don't come via e-mail
Rule #2: Never answer your phone
Rule #3: Answer e-mail only twice a day
Rule #4: Never give interrupters what they want
Rule #5: Whack IM "buddies" who chat too much
Rule #6: Automate Teflon processes
These rules, when combined with a great productivity system, aggressive meeting management and a solid work ethic will enable you to get much more done in less time, and -- more importantly -- IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR WORK.

Fonte: Don't Get Stuck: 6 Rules For A Teflon Mind

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