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Google usa le JExcelAPI per Google Spreadsheets

Se vi dovessero servire è possibile usare JExcelAPI anche da .NET tramite J# o IKVM.NET, come avevo mostrato al Workshop Migration & Interoperability. Il porting in .NET (NExcel) non è ancora maturo a sufficienza...

Google released Google Spreadsheets on June 5th. One of the features of Google spreadsheets is to export and import Excel (xls) files. Google has accomplished this rather easily by using the Java Open API for Excel. After messing with it in my test account, its a pretty cool utility for uploading and creating spreadsheets in a pinch, but its definately not a replacement for Excel.

Fonte: Google Utilizes JExcelAPI for Google Spreadsheets

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# re: Google usa le JExcelAPI per Google Spreadsheets

07/09/2006 17:17 | mattia

# re: Google usa le JExcelAPI per Google Spreadsheets

07/09/2006 17:17 | matthew
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