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Granularità dei Team Project sotto TFS

Io di solito consiglio di creare pochi Team Project grossi e di usare le aree ed eventuali campi custom per distinguere i sottoprogetti. Questa risposta però è "più completa" e ve la rigiro pure io:

...a customer question came up for how to set up their team projects... Doug Neumann gave a great response that I wanted to repost here:

In this case, I’d encourage this customer to look beyond his source control needs at his broader collaboration needs from TFS.  He needs to also consider the work items he’ll be using to manage his applications, his reporting needs, as well as the structure of his org that will be using TFS (is he working alone?).  We typically advocate customers creating team projects at a course rather than fine-grained level and it’s not uncommon for multiple different applications to be managed under a single team project allowing them to easily report across the applications, move bugs between applications, etc.

That being said, if he’s really only focused on source control and truly wants to manage his applications in different team projects, he needs to figure out where to put the shared code elements.  I usually advise people to put them in version control under the team project where they’d like bugs to be filed and whose members logically “own” that code.  Alternatively, he could also create a 3rd team project for managing the shared code.  For including the shared code in the builds of the 2 web apps, he can either branch that code into the other team projects or use relative pathing to reference it from the location where he places it.  Branching provides a level of isolation equivalent to sharing plus pinning in VSS that he may not wish for.

Fonte: deciding team project granularity

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