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O almeno credevo quando ho postato questo: Ma dove sono stato in questi giorni... come ho fatto a perdermi CodePlex???

E invece no... per fortuna non sono così stordito...

Ecco l'annuncio ufficiale:

Over 13 months ago (April 4, 2005 in fact) I posted something on my blog that I was leaving the patterns & practices team to work on a new version of GotDotNet workspaces. Since that time we assembled a team of people and in turn built a distributed, collaborative development environment for open and shared source projects. The web-site launched last Friday, May 12, 2006 and is currently in beta. I encourage you to check out the site at I look forward to getting your feedback on what we did right, wrong and suggestions on how to improve. Please feel free to respond directly. Alternatively we do have a project on the CodePlex site (here) where you can post your comments in the discussion forum.

Ora... dopo che i forum MSDN hanno sostituito quelli di GDN... ora che c'è CodePlex... GDN a che serve?

Fonte: Beta

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