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I bookmark del giorno #25... Aprile!

Buon 25 aprile a tutti!

Print | posted on martedì 25 aprile 2006 20:53 |



# re: I bookmark del giorno #25... Aprile!

Riguardo il secondo link, altre due citazioni, una bellissima e che trovo molto vera, l'altra spassosa:

Where PMs solve the problem of "deliver software right," EAs solve the problem of "deliver the right software."

It's a dual role, not unlike that of being both the city planner and the zoning board inspector. You not only help decide where the street is supposed to go, but you 'encourage' the land developers to build according to the city plan. When it works, the streets flow. When it doesn't, you get Houston.

Un bel pezzo, del tutto condivisibile
26/04/2006 01:12 | Roberto Messora

# re: I bookmark del giorno #25... Aprile!

26/04/2006 16:52 | Lorenzo Barbieri
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