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Il "vero" Agile CMMI Guy...

Ecco un blog molto interessante segnalato da David Anderson. Ho letto i primi post e devo dire che è molto interessante. Ora mi leggo gli articoli, dopotutto domani (venerdì 10 marzo) ho un bel webcast proprio su MSF for CMMI Process Improvement:

I bumped into Hillel Glazer at SEPG on Monday. My paper on agile and CMMI from last year's Agile 2005 conference has been pretty popular - about 21,000 downloads and growing at 700 every week - that's given me a reputation as the agile CMMI guy but it is undeserved. Hillel is the real agile CMMI guy. He's a lead appraiser specializing in agile appraisals. There needs to be more like him. I've added his new blog to my blog roll. Technorati tag: Agile, David+Anderson, CMMI, SEPG

Fonte: The Real Agile CMMI Guy

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# Webcast prossimi venturi...

10/03/2006 01:35 | Lorenzo Barbieri @ UGIblogs!
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