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TestDriven.NET avrà anche una versione a pagamento...

E come dice Roy... ci sono anche molti lati positivi...

Is TestDriven.NET, everyone's favorite addin for Unit Testing support in practically all versions of Visual Studio .NET, going to cost money soon? Yes and no.
According to the recent post by Jamie Cansdale , he's planning a "TestDriven.NET Team Edition" which will not be free, but will include added features, one of them will be integration with code coverage tools found inside Visual Studio .NET 2005 Team System.
Making TD.NET a commercial product is both a blessing and a curse. The curse is the obvious part, but the blessing lies in having a tool that has support, a proper website, and a guaranteed stream of development. Many companies don't like their developers using such "anonymous" tools in fear that they may contain viruses, bugs, or may lead to "unique tools" within the organization - tools which no one other than the original developer will now how to operate, even though they have been essential to the development and maintenance of large amounts of code.
The blessing also lies in the fact that Jamie gets rewarded for his huge efforts in this product. Having created such an innovative and powerful product, Jamie deserves not only recognition, but to actually cash in on his efforts. That will help him stay focused on the task, support and future features.

Fonte: TestDriven.NET aims to become a commercial product with added features

Che dire... secondo me TestDriven.NET è il massimo da usare assieme alle versioni Developer e Tester di VSTS, ma la mancanza di integrazione stretta con il Code Coverage e con altre funzionalità di VSTS era un po' limitante.

Non vedo l'ora che venga rilasciato, sperando che non costi troppo (o che ci sia qualche modo per avere una free-license...)


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