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IBM chiude i suoi siti UDDI...

Da una mail appena arrivata:

You are receiving this notice because you registered at one of the IBM UDDI sites. The IBM UDDI Business Registry, the IBM UDDI Test Registry and the IBM UDDI Beta Test Registry web sites will no longer be available as of January 12, 2006.

In February 2005, the Version 3 of the Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) V3 was approved as an OASIS standard. Having achieved that milestone, the companies hosting the UDDI Business Registry (UBR) evaluated the results of hosting a reference implementation for the UDDI technology. Over the past five years, as Web services applications have matured, the role of UDDI based registries has also evolved in part based on testing experiences with

UBR. Registries based on UDDI have been established within enterprises

and organizations and have an important role in Web services business applications. The availability of UBR provided valuable validation and guidance during the early days of UDDI. Now that the benefits of this technology have been realized and many organizations have established their own UDDI registries, the IBM-hosted UBR will be discontinued.

IBM will continue to support UDDI in WebSphere and Rational software products and tooling. The UDDI support in IBM products is not affected by this announcement. Also, you may continue to use the same IBM profile account and password to log into any other web sites or web applications.

Before January 12, 2006, you will still be able to access any information from the UDDI sites using the web interfaces or Web service APIs. The login pages for the sites are:

IBM UDDI Business Registry:

IBM UDDI Test Registry:

IBM UDDI V3 Beta Registry:

A Frequently Asked Questions document regarding this announcement has been posted at

Questions may be directed to our support email address at until January 11, 2006.

Thank you for supporting the UDDI project and providing us with valuable feedback which allowed us to complete our goal of establishing UDDI as a mature Web service standard.


Andrew Hately

IBM UDDI Business Registry Team

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