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Parallels Workstation: un nuovo concorrente per Virtual PC/VMware

Anche se sono pieno come un uovo... questa dovevo per forza segnalarla... non l'ho provata, vi do solo il link e torno a Darth Powerpoint...

I hadn't seen this in any of the blogs I monitor, so I thought I should share.  Parallels, Inc. has released their Parallels Workstation product.  This is a complete virtualization solution much like Virtual PC, and VMWare (I know there are others). 

There are a couple cool things.  They boast that they are the first virtualization app that includes Hypervisor technology.  This is supposed to make things perform a bit better.  From my observation it does appear to work pretty fast (no worse than running another app on my laptop... I am still testing check back here later for more detail).

The other very important thing to mention is price.  Parallels Workstation is $49!  I believe this is a lot cheaper than Virtual PC or VMWare (although VMware does have the free VMPlayer that can be manipulated --by hand-- to let you create new virtuals). 

You can also get a 45-day trial of Parallels Workstation at their web site.  I own Virtual PC, and I may actually spring for a license of this depending on the results of my testing (which I'll post here).

Fonte: Parallels Workstation: New Virtual PC-like solution

Print | posted on lunedì 12 dicembre 2005 22:06 |



# re: Parallels Workstation: un nuovo concorrente per Virtual PC/VMware

Hai dimenticato XEN
12/12/2005 22:37 | Christian Paparelli

# re: Parallels Workstation: un nuovo concorrente per Virtual PC/VMware

Certo... ma xen non è nuovo... o almeno... io lo conoscevo già... questo è la prima volta che lo sentivo...
12/12/2005 22:53 | Lorenzo Barbieri
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