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E dopo i quiz di Adrian... ecco i quiz su Virtual PC!!!

Che ne dite... avete la risposta?

Here’s the question:
Can you create a virtual machine Windows Server 2003 guest being hosted in a Windows XP Virtual PC installation, and make the host XP machine a member of a domain running on the Windows 2003 Server?

Hint: Some have suggested to use a loopback adapter installed on the XP machine as the common link between them… although I don’t see why the physical adapter on on the XP machine wouldn’t work just as well.

It was discussed by a few people who said it couldn’t be done, but I’m not so sure.  And before I tried it I thought I’d toss it out here and see if someone wants to give it a whirl and share their experience with us.


Fonte: A Virtual PC Puzzler for You


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