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Quanto costa veramente Team System!

Il mio amico Darrell mette nella giusta prospettiva il pricing di Team System anche per piccole realtà.

Ecco il pezzo forte:

Let’s put this in perspective. The current list price for MSDN Universal is around $2,800. For access to everything with an upgrade you will pay a total of $4,000.

This works out to an increase of $100 PER MONTH.

Now, if all of the Team Server features are not worth an additional $100 per month to you, then go ahead and be cheap. Use open source software or whatever else. Don’t get me wrong; I love open source software. But if there is something that allows me to bring more value to my clients at an acceptable financial tradeoff, I’m going to do it. If you are a consultant, how does $100 per month compare to your hourly rate?


E poi non dite che non ve l'avevo detto!!! Soprattutto se dovete convincere il capo!!!

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