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Una serie di tool interessanti...

Forse ne avevo già parlato, ma visto che ogni tanto sui newsgroup mi ritrovo a postarli, li segnalo anche qui...

Complimenti all'autore, e al fatto che sono tutti freeware:

Developer Playground
The whole idea of Developer Playground is simple: Allow hooking of arbitrary processes and tracing of every call to any DLL, without the overhead of a debugger.

ieHTTPHeaders is an explorer bar for IE, that shows HTTP Headers sent back and forth your IE browser.

ComTrace will intercept calls to your COM-components, calls to the COM library, on a per-process basis, and trace them for you.

As simple as it gets; Browse2Target will add a new menu item, "Browse Target Folder", to your Visual Studio 2002/2003 Tools menu. Upon selection, it will open the Windows Explorer and point it to the target folder (Debug/Release) for the current project. [Browse2TargetSetup]

The end of an era. The first app I've published (with the exception of Browse2Target, but that doesn't count), not to use funky API-patching, COM-Interception and other weird stuff. This utility is my way of sandboxing applications I don't trust. Read more here...

Soprattutto ieHTTPHeaders mi serve molto quando devo collegarmi via codice a siti che non espongono web services...

Li trovate tutti qui:

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# ieHTTPHeaders

09/08/2005 13:28 | Pivello's Blog
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