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XOP and MTOM are Done!

Bene, finalmente potremo mandare in pensione DIME...

Basterà aspettare WSE3 e/o Indigo...

As of today, we finally have a W3C recommendation for how to efficiently encode binary data in an XML Infoset (XOP), and a SOAP binding for that encoding that's based on Multipart MIME framing (MTOM). Congrats Gudge and the rest of the XOP/MTOM crew! Our product team is really excited about this spec, and it should turn up in our products pretty soon - Indigo beta1 and the WSE3 beta will both have support for MTOM.

Fonte: XOP and MTOM are Done!


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# re: XOP and MTOM are Done!

Se non erro WSE 3.0 arriverà con Visual Studio .NET 2005.
31/01/2005 11:51 | Pierre Greborio

# re: XOP and MTOM are Done!

31/01/2005 11:53 | Lorenzo Barbieri
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