NEW Online SQL Training Available

Some new SQL Server 2000 labs have been developed and were recently featured at the SQL PASS conference.  These self-pace training labs are free, lightweight troubleshooting training for anyone interested in reviewing training in a self-study environment.  They cover popular topics such as blocking, performance, memory, and debugging, and data recovery. They include hands-on usage of the PSS tools: READ80TRACE, OSTRESS, and PSSDiag.

These labs are great to point customers at since they show the most common issues customers run into with SQL and how to solve them.  All of the solutions are based on the learnings that our PSS engineers have gone through with real customer engagements. 

Se lavorate con SQL Server non potete perdervi questa occasione per aumentare le vostre conoscenze, che posso garantire per esperienza, non sono mai complete, meno che mai su un prodotto come un DB relazionale.