Sicurezza: La settimana dei Webcast

Scrivere codice sicuro non è facile, e sopratutto è un insieme di tecniche e accorgimenti che devono essere studiati. Questi Webcast affrontano prorpio questi temi, dovrebbe essere una settimana interessante......
Il link per le iscrizioni e per i dattegli è qui: MSDN Security Developer Center

Questo è il testo originale:
MSDN Security Webcast Week - February 16 - 20, 2004


Microsoft announces a special week of webcasts addressing the most important and newly emerging security issues surrounding developers. Topics range from corporate security reviews and computer crime to a host of webcasts aimed specifically at developers. These webcasts are designed to help developers write applications that are resistant to security attacks. Webcasts will address a broad range of issues facing developers today: specific coding techniques to make applications inherently more secure, SQL Server considerations, authentication and authorization, Enterprise Security Portals, and protecting your intellectual property with Code Access Security. Tune in as top industry experts walk you through key security concepts that will help your organization -- and the code you write -- rise to the security challenges we all face today.


Registration is limited to 1000 registrations per webcast, so register early for all 12 webcasts. These free webcasts are held live and they are interactive. Webcast attendees can ask questions and get answers from security subject matter experts. These webcasts will be recorded and available for later viewing. These 12 webcasts can also be found on the MSDN Security Developer Center as well.


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