Alcuni link su Indigo

Sto facendo un po' di pulizia e ho trovato questa lista in una email del 4 Novembre.
Non è proprio recentissima, ma potrebbe essere comunque utile....

Longhorn Developer Center: The Road to Indigo Technology Roadmap

MSDN Magazine, Don Box: A Guide to Developing and Running Connected Systems with Indigo

Longhorn Developer Center: Indigo

Longhorn docs: Distributed Applications Using "Indigo" Services

Longhorn docs: Choosing Between "Indigo" RemoteObject and Web Services

Steve Maine: Indigo hands-On Labs

Benjamin Mitchell: WS-Transaction et. al.

Dave Bettin: The System.MessageBus Begins its Travel to Service Orientation Paradise

Steve Maine: Indigo and wire formats

Drew Marsh: Indigo: Building Services (Part 1) - The Fundamentals

Drew Marsh: Indigo: Building Services (Part 2) - Secure, Reliable, Transacted Services

Drew Marsh: Indigo: Using XSD, CLR Types and Serialization in Web Services


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