Office Solution Accelerator for XBRL

Oggi  mi hanno chiesto se conoscevo XBRL e qual'è la posizione di Microsoft relativamente a questo standard.
E dato che non sapevo cos'è XBRL (ormai tutto è XMLqualchecosa, e non ce la faccio più a rimanere aggiornato), o fatto qualche ricerca.
Credo che quello che ho trovato possa interessare chi di voi ha a che fare con dati finanziari....

La definizione:
Short for Extensible Business Reporting Language, an XML-based specification for publishing the financial information of an enterprise. The standardization of the specification makes it easier for public and private companies to share information with each other and with industry analysts across all software formats and technologies, including the Internet.

XBRL uses XML data tags based on standardized accounting industry definitions to describe financial information for public and private companies and other organizations. The financial information includes such data as annual and quarterly reports, SEC filings, general ledger information, net revenue and accountancy schedules.

Alcuni annunci e relativi link:

Microsoft (Quote, Chart) and EDGAR Online (Quote, Chart), an online distributor of Securities and Exchange Commission documents, are teaming up in order to help companies eliminate the need to re-enter financial data about public companies into Excel spreadsheets.

Excel Investor's Assistant
Microsoft, NASDAQ, and PricewaterhouseCoopers joined together in an innovative pilot project, based on the Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL)--a freely available, XML-based electronic language for publishing financial information across the Internet--and on a Microsoft Office XP smart client. At the heart of the project is the Excel Investor's Assistant, which uses XML Web services to deliver XBRL data directly to the desktop. Users can easily access and analyze the data by using a familiar tool, Microsoft Excel.

Su questa pagina trovate i anche i relativi case study: http://otgweb/itshowcase/bsfinance.htm


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