Yukon European Tour

Abbiamo la data: il 13 Gennaio 2004 e l'agenda (vedi sotto).
Sarà in Inglese, se siete interessati bloccatevi la data.
Fra 1-2 giorni sarà possibile iscriversi.

La sede? L'auditorium presso la sede Microsoft di Milano



Welcome and overview of Yukon themes.

This session will start with some SQL Server history after which you will learn how SQL Server addresses the top requirements customers have for a RDBMS (productive, secure, connected and economic). Also, the relationship between Yukon and WinFS - the new file system in Windows Longhorn- will be explained.

What’s new for the DBA?

This session focuses on the new features included in Yukon which are aimed at making it a database system that is highly reliable, secure and easy to manage. Database Administrators are its primary audience but also developers will benefit from understanding these new features and how they can improve their applications.


What’s new for developer? Part I.

Learn how Yukon hosts the .NET runtime and how and when you can use this to create better database applications. This part of the developer session also focuses on the improvements in ADO .NET.


What’s new for developer? Part II.

XML is everywhere and definitely also in SQL Server Yukon. Learn about SQL Server’s deep XML support with the XML datatype, XML Indexing, XPath and XQuery support.

Not only will you find XML support in the engine, SQL Server can also expose functionality directly as XML Web Services…

To conclude the developer talk, this session will cover ObjectSpaces, Notification Services and SQL Server Service Broker.


What’s new for data analysts

Learn how to improve your business intelligence solutions with the new Data Transformation Services, Analysis Services and Reporting Services.


Learn how to become a Yukon early adopter and ask any question you still have about SQL Server Yukon.

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