Subject: Sharing ASP and ASP.NET Session state.....

Ho trovato nella mia email questo scambio di battute, forse può essere utili anche a voi.

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I personally don't think that customers should use the various methods out on the Internet to share session but sometimes they are determined and it is just not feasible for them to migrate to ASP.NET without this ability.
So, I have a customer that really wants to migrate but they need to do it slowly and that means doing both ASP and ASP.NET. I'm wondering if you all could suggest some techniques for sharing state between ASP and ASP.NET. The catch is that I need to know of techniques that have been proven to work in the field (customer request), not just techniques that will work from a technical standpoint.

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 There's a pretty good article on MSDN about this very topic including code etc. Directing your customer towards that is a pretty good first step!
Another approach is to migrate the whole solution to ASP.NET using the migration assistant That of course depends on the quality of the current code! But a quick and dirty conversion would take care of their state issue as well - and a complete renovation of the code can now take as much time as needed.

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There is a professional solution available that supports session sharing between the two technologies. It’s simple to use and supports sharing COM objects and arrays out of the box…

 Check out:

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