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Il contenuto di questo blog e di ciascun post viene fornito “così come é”, senza garanzie, e non conferisce alcun diritto. Questo blog riporta il mio personale pensiero che non riflette necessariamente il pensiero del mio datore di lavoro.

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Microsoft Download 26-08-2005

Discover an SOA solution that uses InfoPath, BizTalk, ASP.NET Web Services, RPG on an AS/400, CICS on a Mainframe, J2EE on WebSphere, Pocket PC, SQL Server, Speech Server, and MOM (8/19/2005).
Explore Radio Frequency Identification's (RFID's) impact on consumer goods and products, manufacturing, retail, and value chain processes (8/19/2005).
IronPython is the codename for an alpha release of the Python programming language for the .NET platform (8/23/2005).

The two Windows Media Player Mobile code samples included in this package demonstrate how to embed Windows Media Player 10 Mobile in an HTML page and in a C++ application (8/24/2005).

The Employee Activities Site template for Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services is a central site for communicating information to employees (8/19/2005).
This template for Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services features several tools to assist a help desk or customer service team in managing requests from customers and in improving team communication (8/19/2005).
This template for Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services provides one go-to place for organizing conference rooms, conference calls, and meeting equipment availability and for making requests to reserve them (8/19/2005).
This update provides the Junk E-Mail Filter in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 with a more current definition of which e-mail messages should be considered junk e-mail. This update was released in August 2005 (8/22/2005).

Download the Community Technology Preview of Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 SP2 (8/19/2005).

Microsoft Keyboard Convert Service enables multi-language keyboard users to select text entered using one keyboard and convert it to another language's keyboard by clicking the Keyboard Convert Service icons added to the Language bar (8/18/2005).

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