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Quiz Sharp #34 (Corey McGlone)

using System;

class Test
  static void DoIt(int a, long b, long c)
    Console.WriteLine("In DoIt(int, long, long)");

  static void DoIt(int a, int b, long c)
    Console.WriteLine("In DoIt(int, int, long)");

  static void Main()
    DoIt(1, 2, 3);

What is the result of compiling and executing the above code?

  • A. Prints "In DoIt(int, long, long)"
  • B. Prints "In DoIt(int, int, long)"
  • C. Compiler Error
  • D. Run-Time Error

In Java si ottiene lo stesso risultato - guardate solo dopo aver pensato ad una risposta :-)

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