IE7 Public Beta Imminente

Secondo questo articolo sarebbe imminente il rilascio della public beta di IE7. Speriamo sia vero.
Microsoft is planning to release, to the public, a preview version of Internet Explorer 7.
Dubbed "Public Preview" the release includes tabbed browsing, page zoom, tab groups, RSS support and improved printing support. The release is expected to be available by this evening (GMT).
Amongst the many new features, tabbed browsing will allow customers to manage multiple web pages within one session of a browser. Firefox, an open source rival, has long intergrated this functionality by default but now Microsoft is catching up this may lure many users back to the Microsoft browser. RSS is a heavy new feature of IE7 allowing users to "syndicate" feeds from various sites.
Microsoft is expected to deliver the final version of Internet Explorer 7 at the end of the year alongside Windows Vista.
Internet Explorer 7 Public Preview will be available shortly to users with Windows XP SP2 and a genuine copy of Windows.

[OT] Occhio alla penna

Cinque penne per un computer!! non si può certo dire che non sia portatile.... 

Chissà in quale penna devo mettere il CD per caricare il sistema operativo.  

Syntax Highlighter per ASP.NET

Wilco Bauwer, nel suo blog, ha pubblicato un aggiornamento riguardo al suo utile (credo) syntax highlighter per ASP.NET