Agile? ExtremeProgramming? NO!!! meglio Waterfall

Ma perchè sono gli strumenti e le metodologie che devono adattarsi a clienti indecisi e progetti mal concepiti?

Guarda come "un processo di sviluppo sequenziale" più giovare alla produttività e alla qualità del proprio software: vai alla Waterfall 2006 - International Conference on Sequential Development.

Tra le varie sessions:

  • Put Testing Where It Belongs--At the End
  • Extreme Programming Uninstalled
  • User Feedback: Eliminating the Main Cause of Project Overruns
  • Nailing Down Requirements: Techniques to Prevent Change
  • Eliminating Collaboration: Get More Done Alone

Non riesco a capire se sia uno scherzo o una cosa vera, ma la pagina di registrazione dice questo:

We're sorry but registration is not yet ready. Our software developers have a really wonderful design. They're almost done entering it into it a UML tool. They've told us not to worry and that finishing it will be "trivial" because "all that's left is the coding."

We're not sure what features will be on the registration pages because the developers haven't talked to us about what we'd like but we're sure it will be wonderful. Meanwhile, you may want to plan on just showing up at the conference with a credit card and if there's space available, we'll let you in.

Uno scherzo o realtà?

UPDATE: Questo è il mio 200esimo post!!!

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posted @ venerdì 27 gennaio 2006 02:00

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