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Initial Question/Comment: key request

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21.52.18 CustomerNicolo

I'm trying to install Win Server 2003 R2 (enterprise ed.) in a virtual pc 2007 (running on my Vista Ultimate) but the Subscription Product Key that I've requested (in my subscription web page) in not valid!
When I type it in the installer's form (the 5 fields) it say: The Product Id you entered is not valid :(.
How can I do?

21.52.25 AgentDennis

Thank you for contacting the MSDN Online Concierge, Nicolo

21.52.55 AgentDennis

May I have the product key to validate if it's really an invalid one?

21.53.09 CustomerNicolo

yes wait...

21.53.25 CustomerNicolo

#####-#####-#####-#####-##### (omitted in the blog post!)

21.53.35 AgentDennis

Thank you. One moment please

21.55.53 AgentDennis

My tool indicates it's a valid MSDN version of product key for Windows Server 2003 Enterprise. No worries, Nicolo, let's start from the very beginning. Where did you get the installation media? From MSDN Subscriber Downloads as well?

21.56.58 CustomerNicolo

To install the server R2, I've made the Installer CD from the iso images contained in the march 2006 cd shipped to me. Disk n° 2941.2

21.58.49 AgentDennis

There are two versions of Windows Server 2003 media available from MSDN shipments, one is Volume License (name of the ISO image should be Windows Server 2003 Volume License), the other is retail without "Volume License" contained in the ISO image name. All the product keys available from MSDN are retail keys, if you use a retail key to install a Volume License version of Product, the "invalid key" error message will appears. Can you make sure you try the proper media?

21.59.23 CustomerNicolo

ohhh! I see...

21.59.34 CustomerNicolo

so i'd better check it!

21.59.46 CustomerNicolo


21.59.57 CustomerNicolo

i've used the volume license!

22.00.28 AgentDennis

OK, never mind. Can you find out retail media?

22.00.39 CustomerNicolo

i'm checking...

22.00.55 AgentDennis

If it's difficult to find it out at present, you can conveniently download it from MSDN Subscriber Downloads

22.01.29 CustomerNicolo

maibe is this:

22.01.41 CustomerNicolo

disk 2939.1?

22.02.09 AgentDennis

Please give me a moment to double check on this

22.02.27 CustomerNicolo

it has the same items but without the Volume Lic. Version text

22.02.34 CustomerNicolo

yes, thanks

22.04.33 AgentDennis

Is it a green one?

22.04.41 CustomerNicolo


22.04.50 AgentDennis

I believe it's just the media you need

22.04.56 CustomerNicolo

it's the first time I use the concierge, but I do have to say it's fantastic! Many, many thanks!

22.05.32 AgentDennis

Thank you for your compliments, Nicolo. We are always happy to help you out

22.05.38 CustomerNicolo

I'll talk about this with my collegues and ugidotnet here in italy

22.05.46 CustomerNicolo


22.06.06 AgentDennis

If you find there are still problems when trying to install the Windows Server, please feel free to come back again

22.06.17 CustomerNicolo

sure ;)

22.06.24 AgentDennis

Is there anything else I can assist you with at the moment?

22.06.38 CustomerNicolo

no thanks, bye

22.06.41 AgentDennis

Thank you for using the MSDN Online Concierge. We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please feel free to come back again

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