Import Data Wizard vs Data Migration Manager

Nell'help del MS CRM 4.0 è riportata una simpatica tabellina con le principali differenze tra Import Data Wizard e Data Migration Manager. E' utile avere le idee chiare prima di scegliere tra uno dei due metodi di importazione dati, e capire se invece non sia meglio costruirsi un tool custom per l'importazione dei dati. 

Task Import Data Wizard Data Migration Manager 
Bring data into more than 50 Microsoft Dynamics CRM record types  Yes (All users with appropriate permissions can import data.)  Yes (Only the system administrator can migrate data.) 
Bring data into custom record types and attributes  Yes  Yes 
Use multiple source files that contain related data  No (You can import only one file at a time.)  Yes 
Assign records to multiple users  No (The wizard assigns all records to one user.)  Yes 
Update existing records  Yes  No 
Detect duplicates  Yes  No (You can run duplicate detection after migrating the records.) 
Delete all records associated with one job  No  Yes 
Automatically map data based on column headings in source file   Yes  No 
Map drop-down list values   Yes  No (To map list values, you must manually edit a data map.) 
Set value of Created On attribute from source data  No  Yes 
Customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM to match data  No (Customization must be performed prior to import.)  Yes (Data Migration Manager can create custom record types and attributes.) 
Transform data  No (You must use a one-to-one mapping of attributes.)  Yes (Complex data transformations ( Types of mappings used to modify data before migrating it. Transformations include concatenation, split, replace, substring, assignment, and date modifications. ) are possible.) 

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posted @ martedì 12 febbraio 2008 17:19