RFC 001: CodeClimber vs FoxyBlog

Quasi due mesi fa ho lanciato il mio blog in inglese CodeClimber.

Non ho ancora deciso come organizzare i due blog: per ora sto postando un po' solo in italiano, un po' solo in inglese, un po' di volte traduco il post, altre faccio solo un rimando a quella in inglese.

Qualcuno ieri mi ha fatto notare che lui ha sottoscritto il mio blog in inglese, e probabilmente molti dei lettori del muro di UGI hanno fatto lo stesso, e quindi in molti si trovano a leggere quasi lo stesso contenuto ripetuto su due feed.

Sicuramente CodeClimber diventerà sempre di piu' il mio blog principale, soprattutto per gli argomenti tecnici. Ma visto che questa scelta impatterà anche sui miei 25 lettori chiedo a voi:

  • ogni volta che posto su CodeClimber un argomento di interesse tecnico e quindi generale metto un rimando anche sul mio blog su ugi?
  • cerco di tradurlo per i (purtroppo tanti) lettori che non masticano l'inglese (ovviamente se ho tempo e non è troppo lungo)?
  • oppure siete tutti sottoscritti al feed rss di Codeclimber e quindi sul blog ugi parlo solo di argomenti "italiani"

Attendo dei vostri commenti sull'argomento. Grazie

posted @ lunedì 12 febbraio 2007 01:27


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# re: RFC 001: CodeClimber vs FoxyBlog

Left by Lorenzo Barbieri at 12/02/2007 01:31
Voto per la terza!!!

# re: RFC 001: CodeClimber vs FoxyBlog

Left by LorenzoC at 12/02/2007 11:28
Posto che io non sono cosi tecnico, se ti viene facile io posterei solo in inglese e chi non lo sa si attacca.

Pero' allo stesso tempo ti rinnovo il mio suggerimento di postare anche cose meno tecniche, come gia' fai occasionalmente inserendole un po' di sfuggita.

Varrebbe secondo me la pena di avere due blog, uno "professional" dove parli di programmazione e uno "casual" dove per esempio descrivi le tue esperienze in NZ.

Non si vive di solo C#.
Tu magari mi dirai che non vuoi pubblicare i fatti tuoi ... that is what blogging is about, man...

# re: RFC 001: CodeClimber vs FoxyBlog

Left by Alessio Marziali at 12/02/2007 11:28
Voto la terza anche io simo.

# Re: RFC 001: CodeClimber vs FoxyBlog

Left by Igor Damiani at 12/02/2007 11:29
io ho sottoscritto CodeClimber, perciò il mio voto è di postare solo lì. Però effettivamente chi non mastica inglese può trovarsi spiazzato...

# re: RFC 001: CodeClimber vs FoxyBlog

Left by Lorenzo Barbieri at 12/02/2007 22:55
X Jack... pensa se tutti avessere due blog e continuassero a fare rimandi... :-S

# re: RFC 001: CodeClimber vs FoxyBlog

Left by The Horseman at 13/02/2007 04:35
This is intersesting.

Your blog I mean, I hope you can help me undrestand what exactly it is you are trying to do. I do not intend to offend you, nor do I wish to belittle your efforts in any way.

I was born in a place of immense forests. Of countless rivers and lakes, many of which are still unnamed. I own an apartment in the core of a city of millions, and at seven thirty in the evening sometimes I hear the wolves coming back from their hunt.

My parents are both Italian. I was concieved and born here. I became politically aware in a jungle war in Africa. I was killed, but Anglo Saxon surgeons saved me.

I walk, I breathe, I love and laugh like the rest of you.

I have a residence in your country, and a history. My fathers invaded your land on ships and horseback a millenium ago. Once we were Normans. Then we became Italians. Now we are North Americans with portions of our guts in African jungles.

I speak and write your language. I am also at ease with the French, whose language I speak and write. There too, I have intimate ties to the culture, and to the land.

The women of course, are most exquisite in France. Italian women are dangerous, they can kill you.

The English women are cold. The men have no passion. Civilization never really made it across the channel.

So they love us like gods, even today. For the Anglo Saxons we are a legend. For us, it is laughter and good sport.

To me it seems, if you will forgive my analysis. That you are engaged in an escapade whose object it is to escape your culture and enter into another.

You have perhaps understood that language is everything. To break free you must be multilingual. You must think it many tongues. Love many women, swim in many seas. Die in foreign wars and return wounded to all the women who once loved you. For it was those women who taught you the culture of the languages you had learned to speak as a boy.

I had to learn all this on my own. There was no internet when I was a young man. I had to travel.

I admire you. Of course I have no idea what you are doing. But if we have somthing in common I will continue to speak to you.

You know me.

If you are sincere I may tell you who I am.

For now, I am The Horseman.

# re: RFC 001: CodeClimber vs FoxyBlog

Left by The Horseman at 13/02/2007 17:03
Dear Sir,

Yes perhaps I have taken you to be someone else.

I thought I knew a member of your family, another climber. He fell.

I was not with him that day.

Keep well, and be safe.

# re: RFC 001: CodeClimber vs FoxyBlog

Left by Simone Chiaretta at 14/02/2007 10:34
Luckily none of my family died falling off while climbing :)

# re: RFC 001: CodeClimber vs FoxyBlog

Left by Simone Chiaretta at 15/02/2007 10:50
You are right, NZ is not the best count for climbing, especially Wellington, just bouldering around the capital...
Maybe I'll end up living in Canada someday.. probably same attitude as here (relaxed, friendly) but better climbing scenario :)
I can here mainly for the great outdoors, if you love tramping you will love here. Native bush 10 min drive from center wellington...

# re: RFC 001: CodeClimber vs FoxyBlog

Left by The Horseman at 16/02/2007 04:14
I understand now what draws you to that place. In this we are alike. The unspoiled forests, the sound of birds singing as you drink from rivers and lakes whose water is still as clean and fresh as it was a thousand years ago.

I do not know that continent, but I know it has virgin forest the same as this one does. The same as Africa and South America do. These are places I know. I know the cities of Europe and America, but I always returned to this place. Where I have wolves who live outside my door.

I admire you. It may be that you see what I saw. The beauty of the language and culture of men. The beauty and savagery of the few true places of wildreness that remain.

The forests of every continent are unique, but that continent which measures every other is Africa.

You are not far from there, and the opportuntiy may never come again. Stay six months or a year at least. I stayed five years.

It will change your life forever.

Of course, it is like climbing.

It is possible that you may not return.
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