Microsoft, where do you want to go *tomorrow*?

Thanks to my friend Lorenzo, I got the news about Ward Cunningham leaving Microsoft. I had the pleasure and honour to meet Ward at the CodeSlam night we had at the Campus in Seattle, during the MVP Summit, and I remember how happy I was when he joined MS, a couple of years ago. Ward leaving is MS really is bad, bad news. But the worse part is that I do really can't blame neither him nor his choice to become the tenth Eclipse employee. Frankly, I cannot understand the rationale behind having Ward on board and limiting him within the PAG team, while I *suppose* he could be great help (at least) for the TFS Product Team. And... What about NUnit's creator James Newkirk, who's also employed within the PAG team? And... What's the point in announcing an unaffordable price for TFS? And.. Again , why aren't we going to get the unit testing toolkit with *every* Visual Studio edition? To me, the whole strategy behind Microsoft's approach to the project life-cycle management appears questionable (at the very least). 

Source: It's Official: Ward Cunningham Hired By Eclipse