ottobre 2005 Blog Posts

Membership API article (reloaded)

Dino just told me that our article has been puslished in the european edition of MSDN Magazine, too. Honest: I'm waiting to receive my copy in order to understan how this new edition of the mag differentiates from the US one.

Some thoughts about ASP.NET 2.0

As Soma pointed out, VS2005 is finally out: it's been a long way since the early bits we (alpha testers) got in May 2003. These are a bunch of thoughts of mine about ASP.NET v2 I wrote for Microsoft EMEA "Beta Experience" newsletter.

Strange things happening during Microsoft events...

The one where I, as the .NET Padawan, try to save the community from Lorenzo the Sith, a.k.a. Darth Java.

Microsoft, where do you want to go *tomorrow*?

Thanks to my friend Lorenzo, I got the news about Ward Cunningham leaving Microsoft. I had the pleasure and honour to meet Ward at the CodeSlam night we had at the Campus in Seattle, during the MVP Summit, and I remember how happy I was when he joined MS, a couple of years ago. Ward leaving is MS really is bad, bad news. But the worse part is that I do really can't blame neither him nor his choice to become the tenth Eclipse employee. Frankly, I cannot understand the rationale behind having Ward on board and limiting him within...