First contact with Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

Few days ago I had my first contact with Amazon Simple Storage Service web service (aka S3). I needed to use it in a project. Just some information about the structure of this project: it was an Asp.net Mvc 2 project and I needed to integrate Amazon S3 as storage system. Immediately after the registration I started to look for something that could make Amazon S3 usage as simple as possible. Immediately I found a wonderful SDK in the Developers section of the Amazon Web Service website. Consider that the S3 storage is composed by two elements: bucket and object....

Map SQL server 2008 Geography Type with Fluent-NHibernate

Recently I started a new project in a company involving Geo-Localization. I needed to integrate in my project GPS coordinate and to calculate the distance between them. In this project I decided to use SQL Server 2008 and Fluent-Nhibernate. Sql server 2008 has a great set of data types related to Geo-Localization known as Geography Data Type. With this fantaboulus data type you can represent point, line even polygon ad make a wide variety of manipulation with them, included calculate the distance between two point. All I needed was to store and retrieve my GPS coordinate into and from the...