First contact with Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

Few days ago I had my first contact with Amazon Simple Storage Service web service (aka S3). I needed to use it in a project. Just some information about the structure of this project: it was an Mvc 2 project and I needed to integrate Amazon S3 as storage system. Immediately after the registration I started to look for something that could make Amazon S3 usage as simple as possible. Immediately I found a wonderful SDK in the Developers section of the Amazon Web Service website. Consider that the S3 storage is composed by two elements: bucket and object. A bucket is approximately like a directory and an object is file. If you want to have more information read this.
At this point I had to decide where to put Amazon S3 web service in my architecture. I decided that the "service" folder was the right place to host S3. So I created a new service, with some basic method(retrieve the bucket/object list, and create and delete).

The Amazon SDK contains the AmazonS3 class that allows you to do whatever you want with your S3 service. Here you have some example of the most common operations with S3 (remember to set your preferred programming language). My first impression of S3 was good, easy to add to my project and easy to use in production.

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