Nuova Alpha di NHibernate (1.2.0)...finalmente....

E' stato un adesso ci siamo, si comincia a vedere la luce...
Ecco la prima Alpha di NHibernate 1.2.0 con supporto pieno al CLR 2.0. Qui invece l'annuncio sul forum.
Ho seguito passo passo la gestazione in questi mesi...
devo dire ottima l'implementazione di un ottimizzatore basato su IL per la parte di reflection...
E c'è chi sta lavorando ad una Cache distribuita su più nodi...queste sono belle notizie!...
Vi tengo aggiornati...

Vale veramente la pena...di sparare tutte la release notes:

Build 1.2.0.Alpha1

Important Breaking Changes:
    * Entities and collections are lazy by default. Change by setting default-lazy="false"
      in <hibernate-mapping>.
    * Types used as proxies are now validated (a check is done that all public members are
      virtual). Validation can be disabled by setting hibernate.use_proxy_validator to false.
    * ISession.Get/Load now obey where="..." attribute of <class>.
    * Assemblies are signed using a new, publicly available, key.
    * Assembly.LoadWithPartialName is no longer used to load assemblies. If you want NH to load
      an assembly from the GAC, use <qualifyAssembly> element in the configuration file to
      specify its fully qualified name. This change will primarily affect loading of ADO.NET
      data provider assemblies.

Patches Applied:

    * [NH-595] - Possible bug in SessionImpl.EndLoadingCollections method

Bugs Fixed:

    * [NH-242] - Hbm2Net looks for template file in the current directory but should in the program directory
    * [NH-467] - Many-to-one ignores "WHERE" class mapping element on associated Class
    * [NH-511] - IVersionType.Seed should be set to 1 instead of 0 for integer types
    * [NH-532] - PropertyNotFoundException ctor throws NullReferenceException
    * [NH-538] - config.AddDirectory doesn't work
    * [NH-540] - Register of AnsiChar type
    * [NH-544] - Small Issue about Iesi.Collection.Set
    * [NH-548] - Component Parent set to null on 2nd-level cache hit
    * [NH-550] - Incorrect SQL Generated when using SetMaxResults() with DB2
    * [NH-551] - Unable to use DB2 in .NET 1.1 when 1.1 & 2.0 installed side by side
    * [NH-552] - Collection of "nullifiables" not updated when object saved back
    * [NH-560] - Bad alias generated for Generic class
    * [NH-563] - Exception in NDataReader.cs when loading BinaryBlob
    * [NH-571] - class keyword in WHERE broken for table-per-subclass mappings
    * [NH-574] - sort="natural" doen't work when namespace and assemply were set
    * [NH-579] - Cannot load class="System.DayOfWeek"
    * [NH-580] - Possible bug in hbm2net
    * [NH-582] - All IType implementations should be serializable
    * [NH-607] - session.GetEntityIdentifierIfNotUnsaved can return null
    * [NH-609] - SysCache re-caches items without expiration policy

New Features:

    * [NH-449] - SQL Server 2005 dialect
    * [NH-553] - Driver for Adaptive Server Anywhere 9.0


    * [NH-155] - Look at TableHiLoGenerator Impl


    * [NH-179] - Add Proxy Validator
    * [NH-243] - Hbm2Net is unable to extent with own renderer
    * [NH-259] - Type-Safe Collections
    * [NH-338] - Support .NET 2.0 CLR/BCL features, esp Generics and Nullable Types
    * [NH-353] - Assembly.LoadWithPartialName is obsolete in .NET2
    * [NH-416] - Change default laziness of classes and collections to "true" to match Hibernate 3.1
    * [NH-441] - Make proxy validator optional
    * [NH-457] - SysCache slidingExpiration property doesn't work properly
    * [NH-547] - Add IL-based reflection optimizer
    * [NH-602] - Support for new Firebird provider

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# re: Nuova Alpha di NHibernate (1.2.0)...finalmente....

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Ecco, questa è una bella notizia che rischiara un buio lunedì :)
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# re: Nuova Alpha di NHibernate (1.2.0)...finalmente....

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Avevo già visto l'annuncio sul forum, speravo fino all'ultimo che risolvessero il bug relativo ai namespace, ovvero Namespace1.MioTipo e Namespace2.MioTipo rappresenta un problema al momento e di conseguenza ho dovuto cambiare un po' lo schema di generazione dei namespace/classi.
Left by Tommaso Caldarola on mag 30, 2006 9:58

# NHibernate e Nullable Types

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Left by makka on giu 23, 2006 11:52
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