giovedì 18 ottobre 2007

E' o non è una figata?
Peccato che ancora sia allo stadio pre-alpha, ma le premesse ci sono tutte :)

RunSharp - Reflection.Emit has never been easier - The Code Project - .NET
Many developers have found the magic of emitting code at runtime using Reflection.Emit. Also, many have not used it simply because of the complexity of the API. RunSharp (or Run# if you prefer), aims to bring the simplicity and readability of a high-level language such as C# to runtime code generation. The IL is a great language. However, there are several problems with emitting IL instructions directly. One of them is, that it's quite hard to see the actual structure of the generated code, by just looking at series of Emit() calls. Also, there are strict rules as to what sequences of IL you can emit, unless you want to receive the awful 'Common Language Runtime detected an invalid program' exception. Sometimes, it's hard to find out exactly what IL is needed to achieve some simple C# concept. And there are more. I've created RunSharp to avoid these problems, and I've had a lot of fun writing it. And I hope you will have a lot of fun using it.

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Refactor My Code è il nuovo servizio "webduepuntozzero" pensato dal grande Marc-Andrè Cournoyer (che pare oramai aver definitivamente abbandonato .NET per Ruby e Rails...); in soldoni, condividete un pezzo di codice (qui i linguaggi supportati) e insieme agli altri utenti discutete come migliorarlo... :)

La sezione C# è un pò spoglia, ma qualcosa c'è...

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