Magari sapete già del mio progetto rilasciato sotto licenza L-GPL, NetTopologySuite...

Ecco il primo progetto che lo usa! Che dire... sono contento!


The aim of the present monoGIS project is to implement a complete GIS system on top of the new, industry-proven Mono platform. Instead of the many other approaches, which try to build a system from scratch, monoGIS is focused on already existing pieces.
Mono is multi-platform, multi-language and multi-technology. The term multi-technology means that you may couple a variety a different programming platforms within the same application.
Because of this multi-technology aspect, monoGIS has been built upon the following already existing sources:

  • OGR/GDAL (C++)
  • Shapelib (C)
  • .Net Topology Suite (.NET, C#)
  • Geotools.NET (.NET, C#)


Fonte: monoGIS - a complete GIS for the Mono platform

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