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The MSIBuilder  is a professional application for creating reliable MSI installation packages.  You can create complex install packages and debug the installation process step by step interactively. Professional developers will find in MSIBuilder a reliable and easy to use application.

MSIBuilder is an easy to use application. You can build up your install packages faster and easier than ever.

The experienced programmer will have all the installation options, features and actions at hand.

With MSIBuilder you can create and debug complex installation packages.

MSIBuilder provides interactive debugging and logging.

MSIBuilder provides you basic options like:

- Components and Feature

- Setup Type

- Shortcut

- Registry

- Ini files


...or  advanced options like :

- Custom dialogs edit

- Custom actions edit

- ODBC edit

- ServiceControl edit

- Search for specific item on target system

- MultiLanguages edit.

-Support for creating upgrade packages.

- Code debugging

Fonte: MSIBuilder


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