SQL Server on Linux

I can't believe it. My sources at Micrsoft put out the word late yesterday that there is a project underway to port SQL Server to Linux!!

The exclusive word I got through some close, anonymous sources is that Microsoft realizes that they cannot stamp out Linus. Unlike OS/2 and the expensive, high end Unices, Linux is here to stay. Because of the decentralized work on it, the religous-like fever of its followers, and the high performance that it offers, the big boys, maybe just one big boy, at Microsoft have given in to the fact that it will forever be nipping at the heals of Windows.

And they know that all the work being done on clients for Exchange means that many sites that might want to switch the desktop, may still keep the server on Exchange and have a rich client front end that takes the place of Outlook. But don't rule against Outlook making a run at the Linux platform.


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