Mai lasciare la strada vecchia per la nuova? Temo proprio di si :(

L'aggiornamento delle versioni di SqlExpress e Visual C# express è semi-fallito, nel senso che le versioni express sono "ferme" alla beta2 e al FW 2.0.40607, mentre SqlExpress December CPT vuole il FW 2.0.40903, ma non è possibile installare sullo stesso PC 2 versioni del FW 2.0 beta...

Quindi, o si sviluppa in C#Express con il "vecchio" SqlExpress e la vecchia 2.0beta, oppure si installa SqlExpress nuovo e si fa la compilazione da linea di comando :(((

Ecco un post di Kent Tegels sull'argomento (se l'avessi letto prima...):

That's correct. Differt releases of the Express product required different version of the CLR. At this time, you can have exactly one version of the .NET 2.0 CLR installed. Ergo, you may have to pick and choose.
Again, yet once again: The Visual Studio Express SKUs Beta2 are NOT compatible with the SQL Server Express October or December Community Previews. If you want to develop against these versions of SQL Express/SQLDev you need to use the VS2005 CTP keyed for that.
> I guess I have to download a new version 2005 express edition
> beta(v2.0.40903?). Is that right.
Here's the simplest advice I can offer today:
* If you're in the Beta or an MSDN subscriber, go with the October/December CTP bits. Use the SQLDev and Studio bits that are grouped together on those sites.
* If you're not in said groups and you're only interested in the combination of SQL Express and XM, use the December CTPs from, preferably on the cleanest machine you make.
* If you want to use one of the Visual Studio Express SKUs, download that. And Only that. It will optionally install a version of SQL Express appropriate to use with that tool. Don't worry about XM today.
* If you want the least painful Express experience, using the original B2 bits, only the original B2 bits and nothing but the Beta2 bits. Preferablly on a cleanly build XP XP2 virtual machine.
Finally, if you want the least painful experience possible, turn off the computer, crawl under the covers and read a nice book of Poetry to somebody you love. Ted Kooser's "Delights and Shadows" works especially well for me. YPEMV.
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