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Check-in policies e il provider Msscci...

Ne avevamo parlato anche durante il webcast sul source control di Team Foundation Server. Il provider MSSCCI per TFS supporta le check-in policy, ma al momento l'unica policy applicabile è quella sull'obbligatorietà dell'associazione tra check-in e almeno un work-item.

The question, which is asked quite frequently on DLs and forum is “Does TFS Msscci Provider supports check-in policies?”. The short answer is Yes J. But as usual there are some exceptions to this rule. The Provider will handle all policies in the same way they are handled by our console client. So if policy needs infrastructure provided solely by Visual Studio, you will get error both from console client and Msscci Provider. You can only override this policy then.

The examples of such policies are “Code Analysis” and “Testing Policy”, shipped with Team Foundation Server. The good new is, that they are specific to .net 2.0 (at least IMO), so you shouldn’t have them enabled if you are working with Msscci Provider.

Fonte: Check-in policies with Msscci provider

Appena esce cerco di capire cosa succede con le policy custom...

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