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Crad's Actions for .NET 2.0

Release date: 02/05/2006
License: Common Public License 1.0

This is a Delphi Actions's porting for .NET 2.0. Actions are used to link togheter various UI elements, such as buttons, toolbar buttons, menu items, etc.. They're useful when all these elements are required to have the same behaviour: linked items are Enabled/Disabled/Checked/Unchecked at the same time, have the same Text and Image property values (if applicable) and raise linked action's Execute event when clicked.

Version Release notes:

  • Support for creating custom actions added (with a brief description in this article)
  • Some new StandardActions added, like ListView actions and About action

Version Release notes:

  • ActionList class now has a reference to the owner form. It exposes a reference to the Form's active control, which is intensively used by some standard actions.
  • Action and ActionList code has been hardly refactored: now the Action component is responsible to add and remove handler to target's events.
  • Action now supports more properties, such as Visible, CheckOnClick, ShortcutKey, TooltipText, etc...
  • A lot of Standard Actions have been introduced: Undo/Redo, Copy/Cut/Paste/Delete, Bold/Underline/Italic and many more! I'm actually working to extend this library.
  • I've built a simple RTF Editor to demonstrate how actions can be properly used. I strongly recommend to check it out.

Actions Demo

Actions Property Grid


Source code (ZIP) is available here (85 KB)

Demo app (ZIP) is available here (67 KB)

You can find a simple tutorial on how to use actions here and you can be notified about changes and new releases subscribing this feed.

Feedbacks about this work are really appreciated, so you are welcome to contact me using this blog's Contact section.

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