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aprile 2007 Blog Posts

Simple NHibernate Architecture

By Cassio Alves. Introduction I started using NHibernate at the end of last year and I am having a wonderful experience with it. The simple fact that I don't have to maintain hundreds of procedures and data access abstraction classes to do basic CRUD operations is enough to justify the use of NHibernate (even though I used a custom code generation tool). Besides that, my code is amazingly clearer and simpler. I only need to worry about business and user interface logic now. All that pluming code has gone for good. I had zero experience with ORM frameworks,...

posted @ venerdì 27 aprile 2007 18:14 | Feedback (17) |

TDD using SqlCE and NHibernate

  This article demonstrates how to use SQL Compact Edition to perform database unit testing of your Repository/DAO classes. More often than not, I cringe at the thought of performing database testing against the development database. It would be much easier and logical to perform database tests against a disposable datasource. This is where In-Memory and Embedded databases come into play.   Fonte: http://www.codeproject.com/useritems/TDD_and_SqlCE.asp

posted @ martedì 17 aprile 2007 18:04 | Feedback (4) |

Test wlw e categorie

vediamo se imposta bene le categorie o fa come gli pare :D   penso + la secondo cmq :P

posted @ martedì 17 aprile 2007 14:15 | Feedback (6) | Filed Under [ AiS OpenOttica ]

NHibernate Plugin for Visual Studio 2005

NHibernate Plugin for Visual Studio 2005 A graphical designer for Visual Studio 2005. The plugin provides drag and drop composition of an object model, from the Server Explorer. All required .hbm.xml hibernate mapping files are generated, along with the required entity class source files (C#). link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/nhibernateaddin/

posted @ lunedì 2 aprile 2007 13:22 | Feedback (24) |

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