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Costruire una griglia in WPF

Tempo fa scrissi un post che rimandava ad una pagina su MSDN dove venivano messi a confronto i controlli disponibili in WinForms e quelli disponibili in WPF. Su Channel9 è stato pubblicato un video, Pascal Bourque - Building a rich datagrid in WPF,  che mostra come creare uno dei componenti mancanti in WPF, la griglia. Abstract:

Last week I met up with Pascal Bourque from Xceed.  Pascal is senior developer who has been developing with WPF for two years.  Xceed is a controls company famous for their free WPF Datagrid.
We talk about what its like to develop a rich control using WPF, mainly focusing on the custom theming of the grid.  It really shows off the whole concept of seperating the UI interaction and style from the core code.  And with that capability, diving into redefining a grid's purpose and how real-time visualization changes can be used effectively.
I'm hoping they take my suggestion of a custom themes contest and run with it.  It'd be interesting to see what other type of skins people could create.

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