Subtext 1.0 Nautilus Edition Released

Finalmente, dopo mesi di attesa spasomodica, di lavoro notturno, e un ultimo mese di test, debug e, documentazione, oggi, 2 marzo 2006, è stato rilasciata la versione 1.0 di SubText, codename Nautilus.

[Download it here]

Riporto qui parte del post ufficiale:

New Features

There are many small improvements both under the hood and in the UI. Here are some of the highlights...

  • Web Based Installer - Installs the database schema and stored procedures.
  • BlogML Support - Import and export your blog data to and from other blogs that support this new standard.
  • .TEXT 0.95 Import Wizard - This is a direct database to database import.
  • Host Admin Tool - Use this to manage multiple blogs
  • Improved multi-blog support. Read the configuration docs for more details.
  • Improved Documentation - We’ve gone out of our way to improve documentation as much as possible.
  • Logging Console - The first iteration of this console displays error messages in the admin section. You can update the Log4Net.config file to change logging levels.
Interface Improvements

These were designed to spiff up the look of Subtext and remove some of the headaches in .TEXT

  • New Skins- We added some spiffy new skins for your blog delight.
  • Recent Comments Skin Control - Display recent comments on your blog (requires editing a skin if it doesn’t have the control already).
  • Multiple Comment Deletion - Rather than deleting comments one at a time, check them off and delete them in bulk.
  • Single Web.config file - There’s only one web.config file to worry about.
  • Comments disabled after N days - Where N is an integer of your chosing zero or larger.
  • Comments throttling - Specify a delay between comments as well as filter out exact duplicates. This is good for those repetitive spam bot attacks.
  • Edit Link Control - when logged in as an admin, an edit link appears next to post titles (requires editing a skin if it doesn’t have the control already).
Under the hood

This is for you developers out there. Holla!

  • Unit Tests - We added a bunch of unit tests (using MbUnit) to the codebase. We are by no means where we want to be regarding code coverage, but it is a step in the right direction.
  • NDoc - We included an NDoc file and compiled help file of the code base.
  • FxCop - We have way too many FxCop violations, but at least we know we do via our FxCop project file.
  • NAnt Build File - Build the entire solution from the command line. Choosing the “doc” target builds a compiled help file.
  • RFC3229 Delta Encoding - Potentially saves on bandwidth once clients start implementing their side of the protocol.
  • RSS GZIP Compression - Compress that baby.
  • Fixed MetaBlogAPI - Fixed a few bugs with the MetaBlogAPI implementation. You can now edit blog posts via w.Bloggar.

Da parte mia un grazie di cuore a Phil Haack per avermi ammesso nel team di sviluppo e per avermi dato la possibilità di fare qualcosa di utile per la comunità di blogger amanti di .NET.

Ora chiedo il vostro aiuto: scaricate la release, guardate le screencast d'installazione, testate, e reportate i bugs o a me o direttamente sul progetto su SourceForge.

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