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Andando a "spasso" x il web, ho visto questo tools: VisualSVN "VisualSVN is a plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio for seamless integration with Subversion." Be up to date without hassle With VisualSVN you are one click away from reviewing your changes, committing them and getting other's changes. Don't worry about modification of solution or project files - VisualSVN will reload them when necessary Move things around safely When you need to rename or move class, file, folder or project - just do it. VisualSVN cares about the rest - you will not corrupt your working copy accidentally and the history of changes will be correctly reflected in your repository. Fonte: http://visualsvn.com/ Lo ha mai provato nessuno???

Print | posted on martedì 12 dicembre 2006 19:27 |



# re: VisualSVN

Sicuramente non male, ma è a pagamento, continuo ad utilizzare ankh che sicuramente è ancora giovane ma generalmente funziona bene.

12/12/2006 19:34 | Gian Maria

# re: VisualSVN

Special price till December 31 - just $19!

un pensierino ci si potrebbe fare :D:D:D:D
12/12/2006 19:44 | Carlo Bertini
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