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Quando è stato rilasciato il framework 3.0, come tanti, ho curiosato fra le nuove, diverse tecnologie. Mi sono soffermato su questo articolo, qui ne riporto uno stralcio: "Virtually all software used in enterprises today has the same goal: supporting business processes. Some processes are entirely automated, relying solely on communication among applications. Others—probably the majority—also rely on people to initiate the process, approve documents the process uses, resolve any exceptional situations that arise, and more. In either case, it's often possible to specify a discrete series of steps known as a workflow that describes the activities of the people and software involved in the process. Once this workflow has been defined, an application can be built around that definition to support the business process. Creating and executing a workflow in software poses unique challenges. Some business processes can take hours, days, or weeks to complete, for example. How can a developer maintain information about the workflow's current state for this length of time? This kind of long-running workflow will also typically communicate with other software in a non-blocking way. How can the challenges of asynchronous communication be made easier for developers? And while modeling fixed interactions among software is relatively straightforward, people tend to want more flexibility, including things such as the ability to change a business process on-the-fly. How can the workflow handle the diverse and unpredictable behavior of humans? Without the right foundation to build on, meeting requirements like these is hard. Yet if technology explicitly designed to support workflows is available, creating this useful kind of software can be straightforward. Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation was created to address these requirements. A core component of Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0, it will be a fundamental part of the Windows platform for developers. Windows Workflow Foundation provides a common framework for building workflows into Microsoft Windows applications, whether those workflows coordinate interactions among software, interactions among people, or both. Scheduled for release in mid-2006, Windows Workflow Foundation will run on the forthcoming Microsoft Windows Vista and will also be available for Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows Server 2003." Immaginandomi l'innovazione portata nel mondo dello sviluppo applicativo, ho iniziato a fantasticare, così tanto da prenotare il dominio . Qui c'è ancora tanto da fare. Suggerimenti e collaborazione sono benvenuti.

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