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How I like implementing lazy load with a bit of polymorphism ...

[Italian Version] How I see/I like to see the application layers division? Every layer can speak only with the layer directly under of itself. Every layer has the knowledge of application models (business entities) and of course - for technical problems of circular reference -business entities don't know nobody. How implement a lazy load? Someone resolve the problem using a events system. The business entities notify the need to load data on demand. Interesting solution but I don't like that the entities know what needs to lazy load. The data load mode is - in my opinion - a DAL question. The...

WebService, Serialization, nullable types and interop 1.x/2.0

[Italian version] An implicit features of the serialization of framework 2.0 is to have null xml elements using xml standard format, xsi:nil. This possibility is given by nullable types. Today the xml is considered the king of interoperability format between different systems. In the near future a possibile scenario could be to have a server that publish web services implemented with     framework 2.0 and consumed from client using framework 1.x. Of course, this is possibile! But what happen if server use nullable types in its services? The proxy class is generated client-side without problems. The nullable types is not present in framework     1.x...