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Curiosità informatiche

Un paio di curiosità storiche veramente interessanti ;)

- L'arrivo del termine 'bug' nell'informatica, veramente spassoso! http://americanhistory.si.edu/collections/comphist/objects/bug.htm

- L'origine del nome della tecnologia bluetooth, da BBC news:

Viking vision
The technology is named after King Harald Bluetooth who, unlike most other Vikings, preferred talking to fighting.
His diplomatic reign unified the nations of Denmark and Norway, which he then ruled from 940-981.
He got his name Bluetooth because he liked blueberries so much that they stained his teeth.
Even the trademark for the group reflects these origins. It is made up of the two runic characters "H" and "B".
It also reflects the Scandinavian origins of two of the founding companies, Ericsson and Nokia.

Alla prossima!


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