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Model-View-ViewModel: Slides and Demos

I’ve had talk at recent Technical After Hours 2008 named WPF in Action dedicated Model-View-ViewModel pattern in WPF, so, as promised, here you can find associated slides and demos.
Slides are in Italian so they probably won’t help you much but demos are all in English (comments included) so you may find it more interesting.
Demos follow a specific order to describe the evolution from a classical winform style application to a final solution totally based on M-V-VM.

  1. Trivial application that use Databinding to visualize a list of bikes.
  2. Evolution of previous app that uses a control template that firstly introduces some of classical approach limitations.
  3. First approach to M-V-VM pattern, incomplete under some aspects.
  4. Migration of remaining part that uses WPF commanding model.
  5. Test project for point 4.
  6. Full application that includes navigation and necessary tricks to use M-V-VM in real world applications.

Have fun!


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