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Speed up ASP.NET pages

One of the most common problems with web pages is largeness. Sometimes, a lot of data from database, scripts and other can make pages too slow, here I will try to suggest some of the more efficient ways for avoid thi problem. In particular we had a very big page that is composed by several web controls in a wizard, some ajax controls and it is full of data bound controls. In the first release we received a lot of errors because some users of the public module of our system had a very slow connection. The most common error was the terribile:Invalid Viewstate.( :-((( ). This error is one the most hated by ASP.NET developers.

So I decided to resolve the problem and reduce drastically the amount of code in that page.

  1. Remove viewstate from the controls that don't need.

  2. Put ViewState in Session.

You can put viewstate in session if your web page inherits from this base class. This class inherits from System.Web.UI.Page and overrides some routines used during page lifecicle, in particular LoadPageStateFromPersistenceMedium() and SavePageStateToPersistenceMedium() for load and save viewstate. In normale pages viewstate is put into code as coded string. Here viewstate is loaded in session into server.

Imports Microsoft.VisualBasic

Namespace EasyCV

Public Class ViewStateSessionPage : Inherits System.Web.UI.Page

''' <summary>


''' </summary>

''' <remarks></remarks>

Protected Overrides Sub InitializeCulture()


Dim cultureCode As String =SessionUtils.GetCurrentLangCode()

Dim cinfo As Globalization.CultureInfo = Globalization.CultureInfo.CreateSpecificCulture(cultureCode)


System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = cinfo

End Sub

'Load viewstate

Protected Overrides Function LoadPageStateFromPersistenceMedium() As Object

Return Session("_ViewState")

End Function

'Save viewstate in Session

Protected Overrides Sub SavePageStateToPersistenceMedium(ByVal viewState As Object)

Session("_ViewState") = viewState

End Sub

End Class

End Namespace

This is a good solution if your server have a lot of ram or your database server is powerful, because a good option is saving sessions into database server but this solution require a lot of conversations between application and database server.

  1. Use Cache everywhere is possible.

Using caching in ASP.NET is a great way for avoid too slow pages, in particular when you have a lot of databound controls.

Cache in ASP.NET is a statis/shared object, really simple to use. Here you can find a little example about Cache:

Dim lang As String = SessionUtils.GetCurrentLangCode()

Dim dt As System.Collections.Generic.IList(Of EasyCV.Entities.NameValuePair) = CType(Cache(lang+EasyCV.WebLogic.Caching.CachingConstants.DatasetDrivingLicenses), System.Collections.Generic.List(Of EasyCV.Entities.NameValuePair))

If dt Is Nothing Then


Dim dal As ICvTypological = EasyCV.WebLogic.DataAccessLayer.DALManager.GetDal(Of ICvTypological)()

dt=dal.GetByTypeId(SessionUtils.GetCurrentClientID, TypologicalConstants.CvDrivingLicense, lang)

''This code add dataset to cache for 2 hours with normal priority

Cache.Add(lang + EasyCV.WebLogic.Caching.CachingConstants.DatasetDrivingLicenses, dt, Nothing, DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(120), Cache.NoSlidingExpiration, CacheItemPriority.Normal, Nothing)

End If

Me.chkPatente.DataSource = dt

Here I put a dataset into session and it will be there for 2 hours, so I will not ask everytime to db for this data. In my situation I must set dataset for every language, so I must control the entry of Cache.

These are some of the ways for speed up your web forms, but there are other ways (ex. Add compression module to your application).

There isn't one solution for every situation but there are solutions and you must choose the right solution for your application. Everything depends by some factors as architecture, avalaibility,scalability,etc.


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